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Deadpool: He must die because I'm too ugly for my lover

Deadpool was just your everyday neighbourhood asshole mercenary without a care in the world... until he found the girl of his dreams. He pretty much dates her for a long time, gets cancer, goes through this weird operation that saved his life and made him invincible (he only did it because he loved his girl and knew she'd be sad if he died). However, through the operation, he was tortured by his later nemesis Francis who turned him ugly (pic above show his transformation). After breaking out the operation, the story follows Deadpool as he wages war against Francis and all his affiliates because he can no longer return to the person who convinced him to stay alive because he was now ugly. And you know who wants an ugly dude right? Erotic love is seen through the story with the sex scenes and Deadpool's initial motive to undergo the operation. His inaccessibility to this erotic love post operation is what causes him to wage war against Francis and his crew. The art was justified because Deadpool thought that if he could find Francis, Francis would make him pretty again and he would be able to return to his true love with the face he had when he left her.

Songs of Love and War: Gender, Crusade, Politics (Sp16-FEMGEN-205-01/FRENCH-205-01)
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