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From Domna to Trobaritz: Lessons from Medieval Poets to a Modern Day Poet

Statement of intent: Using themes, forms, and functions of trobaritz works. How are our writings shaped by medieval thinkers and creators? What can we learn from these motifs? 
I have traveled this land over here/
From Carcassonne out to Beziers/
And what I’ve seen will inspire you, dear/
To become of the world a great seer/
You will find me as a land unconquered/
Come with me and we shall make it clear/
It is you who arouses a word/
My beauty glows outward, draws you in/
We are magnets and together spin/
My voice carries far and strikes your skin/
It is strong with power, not sickly thin/
Listen close to what it is I say/
It is the truth and where I begin/
Watch my whole world be built in a day/
Do not give me reason to lament/
Chase no others, I will be content/
Cross me and thus begins your descent/
Think of all the time that I have spent/
Crafting this verse so heartfelt and true/
My hounds will always know of your scent/
I am to be respected by you/
I will love you more than anyone/
Together will our hearts go and run/
We will share all that we have begun/
Our passion will be rivaled by none/
Are you prepared to walk with me now?/
Side by side until we reach the sun/
Everything done with sweat on our brow/
Fair love, this I will promise to you/
And I expect the same to be true/
From the very moment that we choose/
To search in each other through and through/
One and another create a pair/
We must not forget or misconstrue/
Our place with each other, what we share/
Remember my words, don’t pass them through/

Of both our spirits I am aware.

Songs of Love and War: Gender, Crusade, Politics (Winter 2014)
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