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Ode to Yesika Salgado's Past Life as a Trobairitz

For my final creative project, I wanted to focus on highlighting Trobairitz and women in literature on a more holistic scale, as I felt that there was a lack of their preserved art. In order to explain the final creation, I have to backtrack to the beginning idea: which was creating a manuscript in which I translated a modern pop song called “The Life of a Troubadour” by the group Mansionz. When I was in the process of translating the song, I realized that I was doing the project on a topic that wasn’t close to my heart. After re-considering what aspects of the seminar caught my attention the most, I narrowed it down to when we had readings on Trobairitz like Comtessa de Dia and when I would see Sandra perform. From then on the project went in a different direction, focusing on a modern day poet who fit perfectly with the Troubadour style. The final creation turned out to be a manuscript book and vida on what “Yesika Salgado’s past life as a Trobairitz” would have looked like. For the dedication, the “vida,” and the general format of the manuscript I pulled inspiration from the Goldin, Jaufre Rudel, Peirne D’Alvernhe, and the illuminated manuscripts we saw at the Troubadour library. In terms of the bright colors I included in the manuscript, they were to align to Yesika Salgado’s published works. I specifically chose Salgado as I found that her works encapsulate the idea of “fin amour” but in a modern day context. Salgado diligently writes about her pursuit of love and not simply in a romantic manner. She’s known to extend this love to her family, her city, and her homeland which shows a contemporary style within the “art of trobar.” 

OSPGEN 77: The Other France: Troubadours and the Politics of Cultural Heritage
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