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modern comparison

Feminism in Trobar Poetry vs. in Disney Princess Films

The purpose of my presentation is to identify characteristics of troubadour and trobaritz poetry that could have evolved or been integrated into Disney princess culture.  Some of the characteristics present in trobaritz poetry include physical and sexual attraction and fina amor, or courtly love.  There exists an ongoing debate over whether Disney princess culture is progressive in the feminist eye, but it is not conclusive by any means because evidence used to support both sides is largely anecdotal and subjective.  Examining gender dynamics of courtly love through historical lens provides

Trap Queen

In the same vein as Guilhem's contrafactum, this cover of trap queen converts a famous hip-hop song into a love ballad. It has the same lyrics and melody as the original song, but a completely different video and style. Here, Josh Levi sings with only a piano accompaniment. The camera is centered on him, with no cuts to other people or images - unlike the original music video - showcasing his emotional expressions.

Not Quite A Love Song: These Days and The Royal Tenenbaums

Here, we see the use of Nico's version of the Jackson Browne song 'These Days' in Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums. What is interesting about this scene and what is makes it so moving is that it co=opts the regret that is the prevailing sentiment of the originial song and contrasts it against what we know about these two characters in the film to turn it into a nostalgic lament for a lost love. Much like we see in Guilhem's crusade lyrics, the ambivalece of the original lyrics is excised by placing the song in a new context.

Meghan Trainor's Gap Song

Meghan Trainor's first music video from her new album, "Thank You," is a far departure from her previous music videos. This, of course, is the video for "No," which is set in an abandoned factory with Trainor and her back-up dancers in tight-fitting black or dark work-clothes.

Deadpool: He must die because I'm too ugly for my lover

Deadpool was just your everyday neighbourhood asshole mercenary without a care in the world... until he found the girl of his dreams. He pretty much dates her for a long time, gets cancer, goes through this weird operation that saved his life and made him invincible (he only did it because he loved his girl and knew she'd be sad if he died). However, through the operation, he was tortured by his later nemesis Francis who turned him ugly (pic above show his transformation).

Sex Dialogue: "What's My Name" by Rihanna ft. Drake

In Rihanna's "What's My Name?", we see a dialogue happening between her and Drake mostly on sex but also on why Drake is such a great partner for her. In contrast to the dialogue songs, the conversation here is not shown explicitly has Drake only speaks in the beginning of the song, leaving the rest of the talking to Rihanna. However, one must notice that in Rihanna's first verse, she introduces the reasons for why Drake is such a good companion for her in terms of sex, which could have been placed at the beginning of the song.

Call and Response Rhythms in Dialogue Poetry & Nichols/May

What is immediately noticeable in both the alba form (which we could broadly consider a dialogue between man and nature, a protective warding spoken from the noble knight to the sun that threatens to rise), and in dialogue poetry such as Marcabru's pastourelas is that there is a clear rhythm of call and response, a linguistic interplay that lets each side of the dialogue express there opinions in an almost melodic rhythm.


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