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Trap Queen

In the same vein as Guilhem's contrafactum, this cover of trap queen converts a famous hip-hop song into a love ballad. It has the same lyrics and melody as the original song, but a completely different video and style. Here, Josh Levi sings with only a piano accompaniment. The camera is centered on him, with no cuts to other people or images - unlike the original music video - showcasing his emotional expressions. The beginning of the video starts out with delicate piano notes.This stripped down cover clearly gives a different interpretation to the original song, which is about having fun and dealing in drugs with the woman in question. For instance, the line "cookin' pies with my baby" refers to cocaine. However, in Josh Levi's rendition, the same words would now refer to pies of the fruit or nut variety. Other lines have a similar change in meaning. "She ain't wanting for nothin' because I got her everything" originally intends to show off how much money the artist has, while in the acoustic version, the emphasis seems to be on his emotional devotion to her.  He even changes some lyrics to better fit his cover, such as the switch from "ass" to "face" in the second line, demonstrating that this is indeed an art with new meaning, rather than merely a song sung a different way.

Songs of Love and War: Gender, Crusade, Politics (Sp16-FEMGEN-205-01/FRENCH-205-01)
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