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A Troubadour's Guide to Wine Pairing

For this project, I sought to combine my interested in wines from the Languedoc region with my passion for graphic design. After going on a number of amazing treks up mountains to visit castles and visit medieval sites, I noticed that wine always added a new element to the dining experience. Yet unlike traditional wine pairings that often only combine wine and food, I found that wine is also deeply connected to the broader context. Thus I wanted to examine the contextual questions to the overall wine experience—beginning with "Where are you?" and "What are you doing?"

From there, I wanted to put myself in the shoes of troubadours who might have been selecting a wine, and create different wine pathways. I consider this first half of the graphic to fit into the “Choose your adventure” flowchart category.

The second component contains more detailed information about the wines themselves. I wanted to include a spectrum that would be representative of the wines of the region, but by no means would attempt to encompass the vast variety of Languedoc wines. For each wine, the graphic includes the region in which it is produced, the types of grapes involved, and pairing notes for a specific vintage. While this infographic only scratches the surface of Languedoc wines, I hope that it sheds some insight into the very important wine choices that troubadours may have encountered along their travels and adventures.

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