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Ultralight Beam: Old Kanye vs New Kanye

Ultralight Beam Performance 
In Kanye West's Ultralight Beam we see him taking the persona of a Christian, devoted follower of Christ. We haven't seen Kanye release a Christian track since "Jesus Walks" from The College Dropout, his first studio album released in 2004. Kanye West has the persona of the celebrity asshole. Someone who is outspoken and who's ideas are seen as very radical. Also, especially in the early 2000s, Kanye West was heavily associated with the Illuminati so was Jay-Z and Beyonce, which would completely go against his claim as being a Christian. In the video, we see Kanye being very pure and Christian-like with the attire. He also shares the song and spotlight with all those involved in the song, which goes again the popular view of Kanye being very egocentric. We can see a comparison of one going against their popular view with William IX who was seen has someone who was cocky about his possessions and love affairs, however, in his poems he would take a courtly approach using the canso to reveal himself as a nobleman and someone who practices fin'amor and not fals'amor. Both characters here are using art to show their audiences how they want to be viewed despite whatever views the audience might have previously had of them.

Songs of Love and War: Gender, Crusade, Politics (Sp16-FEMGEN-205-01/FRENCH-205-01)
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